A Timber Gathering……

Its been a long time coming but we finely did it, we managed to get all the Wood siblings in one place all at the same time.!

Family dinner
All the siblings present, plus partners and little ones

We all gathered Saturday evening for a night of good food, good booze and excellent banter. (And the occasional dodgy dad joke). Gathering in Hamilton for dads birthday and just a family catch up was really good. The only ones missing unfortunately where a  fashionably Late Linden who was out shooting ducks and Greg, as he was still recovering in hospital from his hip op. We wish you a speedy recovery Greg .

I managed to have a good talk with most people and get back in the loop about where everyone is at, was great. Catching up with Dan and Shelly after their world travels and hearing some stories was interesting.

Thanks every one for travelling and bringing your favorite foods to share with the table.

The siblings. from left Lewis, Dan, Hannah, Brian (dad), Emily, Brianny, Sienna (niece) and Royce (me)

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