Copenhagen !

Off to the Capital! more busses and a little walk we arrived at our hostle , copehagane downtown hostel , 6 floors of rooms with a bar on the ground floor that open all night every day. met a cool young traveler Jade from Tasmanian who showed us a little of the city that evening. we walked along the canals and out towards the Habour and the best preserved star fort in Europe , complete with cannons.


this beast fires a 15 pound ball


The little mermaid statue on the water front in Copenhagen.
large fountain of bulls and a scary looking goddess.  description was in danish so have no idea who she is meant to be.

The next couple days we spent exploring the city , we purchased a Copenhagen car each. this cost 48 euros per person for 48 hours which was a little more than we would have liked to spend but it was worth it. As EVERY THING costs from the toilets to the museums to art exhibitions , it was well worth it . on Sunday we managed to cram in 3 museums Ripley’s believe it or not , a museum dedicated to Hans christian Anderson ( the author of the little mermaid and many other children’s books it turns out.) and the Royal stables , as the Danish are quite found of having there royal family ride horses.

A statue of early danish Calvary  , even the horse looks dangerous.

ON Monday which the danish observe like a Sunday , ( they still have a 6 day work week here the museums and government offices are closed but most of the tourist things are open because  it high season. we managed to get through a canal boat tour around the city. The Guinness book of records show room , the national equilibrium and tefoli gardens in the ceniture of Copenhagen.

catching up with georgia Pringle and her family briefly at the gardens then again that night for dinner was great , we also met some cool Israelis that drank with us a few more times. does any one want to sponsor a formula three driver with lots of podium finishes? he need a new sponsor for the coming season. was great meeting catching up with you all . we stayed a total of 4 nights in Copenhagen then caught the bus down to Kodling for a night , from there we got picked up by our first HelpX hosts. we are currently staying with them. a lovly elderly danish couple who drink coffee by the liter.

thank you every one who is following me , if you can find the comment button please post a comment. i will upload more photos in coming days.


3 thoughts on “Copenhagen !

  1. Simply wonderful Courtney and Royce. I am so glad you are having a ball.!! Life is for living.!! Enjoy every moment


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