So London for the weekend, it was great. Saw my aunt Jennifer and her partner Stewart, had a great weekend with them in London, wining and dining and exploring. Also met Stewart’s daughter Clair.  It was great to see you all we had a great weekend.


We caught the ferry Sat arvo from the Isle to Southampton then onto the train up to London. Arriving Sat evening about 5, we wandered around for a bit a little lost then found our accommodation. The worst of the best of the rich area of Chelsea in London. 97 pound for two people for two nights. It was a cosy guest house. Just a bed, tv, small fridge, unfortunately the single staff member we saw was in a hurry to get away for the night and didn’t give us many instructions or any towels. But in the end it was better than a hostel and was decently clean. All in all we would stay again for that price but the service was average. Had dinner at a Mediterranean place called Jacks. Atmosphere was really up market but unfortunately the food was disappointing, nothing really wrong with it other than only luke-warm, was just not the same level as what the restaurant looked like.

spent some time walking around London carry my pack with the weekend supplies.


Sunday morning we had a lie in then walked into town, stopped for breakfast and coffee at a small cafe, great coffee and food.  Carried on walking into town along the Thames river toward London city centre. Had a look in Westminster cathedral but unfortunately both times we went past the abbey it was closed for services so another visit for that.

side view of the cathedral , pretty awesome that its sandwiched in amongst a business district


Caught up with Jennifer and Stewart and Claire for lunch and a chat, then Jennifer showed us around Harrods as she lived in London many years ago. Harrods is just a very large multi story department store with lots of the worlds most expensive brands, 150 pounds for a fleece shirt kinda level.  Needless to say we couldn’t afford to breathe the air in there, but it was very busy none the less.


Courtney and the London eye in the background

Continued on through London to Buckingham palace through the gardens. Even saw some mounted police. Having been to the palace before I new what to except but Courtney really enjoyed it. After all that walking we thought a beer was well deserved so collected Clair from her friends place and wondered on down to her local ‘The Surprise’. Was a nice pub great beers. For dinner we ended up at a local Italian place that was really good. thank you Jennifer and stewart for paying for lunch and dinner.





myself Courtney and Jennifer in-front of Buckingham palace.


poppies wreaths at the soldiers grave in Buckingham gardens.


On our final day in London we did breakfast with Jennifer and Stewart again then headed of to the tower of London to see the crown jewels . had a tour around the tower with a ” beef eater” a special guard of the tower.  the tower being a castle more than just one tower.




wire baboons
one of the 7 ravens of London tower.


so after a great weekend away it was time to train home and back to work. hope you all are enjoying the blog if it is a little slow. please keep  the views up as it spurs me on as i can see your views on the stats page. hope every one is well and having a blast.

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