sat 21st august .

A day trip to the rock formation located at the far south east of the island. We arrived just after lunch at the needles “pleasure park”, a collection of sovoiurner shops a glass blower , mini golf and a few kids games  along with a chair lift down to the sea level. DSCF4591


The day was cool but sunny, the beach was unfortunately not sand but small pebbles with a clay base. The waves lapped on the shore that then butted up against some of the most colourful cliffs we have seen. Upon arriving on the beach we found that we could take a boat trip out to and around the needles for a close up. plus being able to getting some great pics of the cliffs was cool. The top of the needles is home to a defensive fort that has been there since the Victorian area and has been re armed to defended against invaders in both world wars and the cold war.



artillery window in the cliff face , about 100 foot off the water and about 3/4 down the cliff


After the boat ride we took the chair lift back up. Apparently going back up was far less scary that going down, Courtney’s fear of falling can be strange sometimes… we decided to walk out along the path to the fort and coast guard towers. the fort has been well restored and many rooms had interactive displays in them with dairy reports from soldiers stationed their during world war 2.

cannon emplacements from the Victorian age defence


great selfie!!


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