Countryfile, the kiwi addition.

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Countryfile is a 45-minute show airing on Sundays, its demographic is the Sunday luncher in the city that wants to watch some easy watching telly after a big meal. A bit like a fluffy country calendar, a camera crew form the BBC was on farm Thursday filming for this show.

A week earlier when they came for recon, Courtney happened to be in the right place at the right time and said the right things to the right person. And then managed to get herself a slot talking about the differences between farming on the Isle of Wight and farming in New Zealand, touching on topics like public access, legislation and dog control.

Come Thursday morning the crew arrived 40 minutes late (typical news crew) to start filming at 8 am. After recreating the morning meeting about 10 times from various angles with different dialogue we headed off on the farm for a day of filming. I was driving a side by side with Dave and Dave, the sound and light experts while Andrew the farm owner had the producer and host Helen and Helen in his vehicle. After a stop for nature shots and a last-minute refuelling #notorganised we caught up with Courtney, who had mustered up our best-looking sheep so they could be filmed.

DSCF3905.JPGAfter the had finished with Courtney through multiple takes and reruns we headed up high onto the forest edge for scenes with Jack and dan in the tractors clearing gorse and brush with mulchers. after fucking around with repeat takes and move angles. added gro pro footage and some interested cows that came to look.  by this point, I was kinda over watching a film crew. after lunch, the crew followed Sam around and watched him do tricks and be a mountain biking nutcase. thankfully I was not needed.  all in all a great day.



Hi everyone Royce has again asked me to add a bit here as I was the one facing the camera. So after me patiently waiting for the camera crew to turn up. (By patiently I mean I was taking selfies with the dogs.) We finally started to shoot some footage (It’s only 9 o’clock no hurry guys I don’t actually have to work today or anything..) Bit of F’ing around shooting an entrance scene, then into the sheep yards with none other than the daggiest mob of sheep on the farm. #Notmyidea

Helen the presenter helped calm the nerves as she was very easy to talk to and most of the interview was just the two of us genuinely chatting about why UK farming is a nightmare. I had been flagged for the show as I was a foreigner and I was a great opportunity for the show to highlight some of the things that make farming challenging here such as; That every man, woman and child and their dog can wander wherever and whenever they feel like.

I won’t give away to much, you will have to go watch it yourself. I have no idea what will have made it to tv worthy footage as I was probably rambling from being nervous. So after various repeats of sentences and me desperately trying to not sound like a robot having said the same sentence about fifteen times, the film crew finally headed off to see Jack and I could go do some actual work.

The episode airs  Sunday 9/12/18  17:25 on BBC One, for those of you not in the UK, you can view it on at BBC  country file.

( copy and Paste the link above into your search browser, for those or you who need help … )

Thanks for reading everyone, please keep coming back and checking what we been up to.


2 thoughts on “Countryfile, the kiwi addition.

  1. Fantastic you guys – Courtney you may have a foot in the door to a new career as a television presenter 🙂
    Pleased to see you’re having a great time. Where are you off to next?
    Looking forward to more blogs.


  2. Thank you for the update. Great to see and read what you are both up to. We are starting to make plans as to where we are going to go next year. We are looking at taking a river cruise from Amsterdam to Budapest for 15 days and maybe staying a few extra days at each city. Great to be retired now. If don’t hear from you both Have a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.
    Helen x


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