Good BYE Isle of Wight – Hello IRELAND

So our time on the Isle is all gone, we really enjoyed our three months on the Isle working and exploring. Highlights being the needles, donkey sanctuary, Wight island zoo and tiger sanctuary, Ryde motorsport racing. We met loads of really great people and have had some really great times.


Thank you to everyone who went out of their way to make us feel welcome. A special thanks for Andrew and Claudia Hodgeson for welcoming us into the house and business for almost 3 months. We had an amazing time working with you and all the crew at Cheverton farm. We hope that your future adventures are smooth and profitable.



After leaving Cheverton, Courtney left me alone for a week while she headed back to NZ for a week. While I spent time as a bachelor working for a fencing contractor. After which we spent a week doing some fencing for another local before leaving the island and heading off to Cambridge to see for Christmas. All in all the Isle of Wight has been a great time. Having gone from not knowing it existed to spending three months living, working and playing on an amazing island.


After two trains and a taxi, we arrived at the Manea train station in the pouring rain. Our lovely friend picked us up, we managed to pack all our stuff into her tiny car. 2 HUGE backpacks and a large suitcase with our work gears in it.  We spent a few days there enjoying a couple days of downtime before flying from Stanstead airport. The reviews said it was crap so was expecting the worst, but on arrival was very pleasantly surprised would definitely fly through them again.

ferry landing zone at sunrise, heading to bere island


we landed at Cork airport to a brisk crisp afternoon, made our way through the airport and caught a bus for 20 Euro to the city centre. We wandered around the bus block to find the parking space of the private bus that will take us the rest of our journey.  Unfortunately, we were 3 hours early so we had a bit of time to kill. We decide to wander the city for an hour or so. After a good walk, we found a bar as Courtney needed a break so I left her there and continued to explore,  I’m at risk at being gasped at here but… it’s important to know when as a couple you need to step back and have your own space for a time. Whether it is 5 minutes, an hour or a  few days.  In this case, 20 minutes was enough.  We both travel differently, Courtney can become very tired and travel in general stresses her out. Where is I can sleep just about anywhere and don’t get nearly as stressed, after travel it is important for both of our sanities that we give each other space and are considerate.  So, in a nutshell, I went for a walk and had a beer, Courtney sat down and drank an orange juice and we were ready to go again.

At six the bus arrived, which was actually a people mover van, we loaded our gear in, and away we went. This bus runs every day but Thursday by a private company located in Castletownbere. which just so happened to be where we were headed.



my self and my cousin’s left to right, Rene, Katie, Jess and my other cousin from NewZealand.


Located in lower Cork Castletownbere is one of the largest and safest natural deepwater ports in Europe along with having the second deepest white fishing port in Europe. And also happens to be home to my lovely cousin Katie and her two amazing daughters. Courtney and I arrived to stay over the Christmas period. Having not spent extended time with any of them ever, the upcoming time definitely came with a hint of nervousness. But this was totally unfounded, the time spent so far has been amazing.

Arriving in the evening of the 18th of December late at night we were welcomed in with welcoming arms, over the next few days we recovered and chilled, and started to prepare for Xmas dinner.

turkey being prepped.
turkey, ham, Irish meat stuffing, and roast veggies



Christmas day was a very chilled event, with a late dinner party, crackers and a few drinks.

Over the next few days, we chilled and explored the local area. Including bere island and part of the beara peninsula.


giant cross on top of bere island.
myself and cousin Renee


Killarney castle


I hope everyone is enjoying the holiday break. A happy new year and merry Xmas to all.



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