Galway to England…

Unfortunately, it has been too long since my last post and for that, I apologize. So here is a quick rundown of what’s happened so far in our travels and where we are now.



At the time of writing the last blog post, we were at a Helpx host just outside of Galway city. Staying with a lady by the name of Emer and her 2 children. We stayed only a short while (5days) with her, using her place as a base to revisit Galway for a live music night. For our last nights in Galway, we stayed in Snoozles hostel near the bus station. From there we continued to explore the city with the best time actually spent in a gym!

A new friend of ours, a young man called Keith (who we meet through my cousin Renee.)  Works as a trainee personal trainer, he was kind enough to take time out of his day to give us a one on two personal run down, of the finer points and safety tips of free weights. So after an hour of coaching and lots of questions, we felt much more confident rocking about in a gym and being able to use the free weights section without injury or embarrassments.



After being warned by various different backpackers and travellers that Dublin was a dirty and busy city…. turns out we liked it. Dublin was actually quite cool if a little expensive for food and drink. Also, we didn’t do very much as we had basically run out of money. So we stayed at our hostel near the council buildings and explored free and cheaper attractions around the city, visited cathedrals, explored the city streets etc. One thing we did pay for was to walk through the exhibition and view the book of Kells. For those who don’t know the books of Kells is a beautifully illustrated and preserved manuscript of the 4 gospels of the first testament of the bible. Of which a lot of Irish art has been passed down through. It was quite interesting to read the history about it, the book of Kells is housed in the Trinity College in central Dublin. The rest of the walk exhibition took us through the very large library of very old books that the college continues to collect and restore.

We also decided to chase the final sunrise for us in Ireland, so alarms were set for really, really early and we travelled out of  Dublin city and climbed to the high point of a small hill, which is a local nature reserve and dog walking Mecca. We got very lucky with the weather, no wind or rain with only a small amount of cloud.

Very chilly on the train.
South west Dublin
Good morning

We thoroughly enjoyed our time in Ireland, all the time we were there, we were fortunate to have had great weather and met some amazing people.


Arriving back in England we were picked up by our new employer Rob Prat. A local farmer to Luton airport. We found Rob’s job offer online and after a few email conversations and a quick phone call we had the job. On arriving we met a couple of other Kiwis, who had been filling in the vacant work position in between the permanent workers. Lochie and Lucy invited us to the Kiwis in London Waitangi day pub crawl. What a cool day! A great get together of the Kiwi workforce living in and around London. Great excuse to get together dress up and have a bit of fun.

With a 10am start 8 pubs and 6 train stops later the crowd arrived at Abby Square where some small groups did a haka. Not the most organised or enthusiastic end to the day but oh well.



After much thought and trial and error, I have come up with a crazy idea. I am going to try and change my working habits around and try and improve my productivity.

First 5am starts…

hopefully, this means I can get some good work done in the morning before the working day starts and try and achieve some of my goals that I have been letting lay by the wayside. I appreciate all of you and thank you for following my blog and Insta accounts, Please keep it up and you will be rewarded with new content at a far more regular basis.

That’s all for now,

LOVE, PLAY, LIVE and get ready for more free range adventuring!

Taking a photo option break halfway but mount Carrauntoohil in Ireland.

3 thoughts on “Galway to England…

  1. Sounds like you’re having the best of times – well done and continue to enjoy. Love the idea you’re going to try 5am starts 🙂 Take care and lots of love to you and Courtney xxx

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  2. Great to hear from you. I was wondering when we might get an update. Glad everything is going well for you. We’re all good here…a bit short on the grass but we’ll get through. Really enjoying riding my horse this summer …see my f/b page. XXXXX

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