Hello again and welcome back.

So you may have noticed some changes to the site. Courtney has agreed to lend her artistic input and join me in some writing, while I am going to try and do a bit of video making. While I bluff my way through the editing process I will still continue to write, and probably combine writing and videos and we will see where this goes.

one of the many giant chalk pictures scattered around the uk,
this lion is 40 meters tall and 147 meters long
a recent make over to restore the lion used well over 800 tonne of chalk.

Our current semi-permanent residence is located in a small village called Northall near the town of Leighton Buzzard. We are living in a very small wooden bungalow which would definitely be considered a tiny house. It is a two-room click together wooden square with a kitchen, (no oven, built-in cooker or running hot water) and bedroom. The bathroom and shower are in the bedroom divided off by a very thin makeshift wall. #nosecrets.

Image result for leighton buzzard

Our local centre is Leighton Buzzard, a large town with multiple supermarkets and pharmacies etc. Being 20 minutes north of Luton and roughly 50 minutes by train from London central, it is close enough to London to be full of Londoners, but far enough away for them to think it’s not the city… On Tuesday and Saturday, Leighton Buzzard hold’s a market in the town square which we have found quite nice. The market regularly includes about 25 stalls ranging from nick nacks and cheap clothes to expensive olive salads, a large variety cheese stall, a fishmonger and our favourite; a very well stocked fruit and veg stall.We try and buy our veggies and fruit here as it is mostly local produce and if not the group sources it themselves so it’s better than our money going to a big company. Plus there is a lot less plastic, you generally get a good convo with the staff, and it’s generally cheaper and tastes better.

The nearest big centre is Milton Keynes, a large town in the big scheme of things, with a population of roughly 220,000 people it is quite busy. It holds almost everything you could ever need with multiplies retail parks and commercial zones. Having been lambing full time for the last few months we have only this Saturday spent any extended time in Milton Keynes.

So that’s a basic rundown on where we are. Working full-time 7am until finished at around 6ish most nights we have had little time for much. We have however made a definitive effort to attend the local gym and try and keep fit and healthy. The style of farming here definitely lends towards a system where everyone is always very busy, but there are often times where not a lot gets done.  Not due to faults of the farmers but more so to the way they are forced to do things from a multitude of factors.

So over the next few days, we are in the final stages of purchasing our new Ford transit van to convert into a camper for us to travel Europe in. I will keep you in the loop with updates and possibly a walk-through of Courtney and I doing work on it.

Thanks everyone for your continued visit and comments, keep them coming.


  1. I hope you both are safe n well. What is happening with Covid19 is something that none of us have ever experienced before. Thank goodness you have each other. Biggest huggles, Catherine

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