Cropthorne Walkabout; Things to see in Worcestershire

The county of Worcestershire is probably most famous for its sauce. However the history of the area most definitely pre-dates Lee and Perrin’s commercialization of their now famous Worcestershire sauce. And if you happen to be exploring Worcestershire’s greater reaches you might find yourself in Cropthorne, a small village within Vale of Evesham for May day celebrations. Which as it turns out is a great day out.

The village of Cropthorne on the first Sunday and Monday in May comes alive to celebrate the beginning of springtime with the Cropthorne walkabout. A variety of market stalls pop up in the shadow of St Michael’s church, which dates back to the 12th century. Local residents also open their gardens to the general public (for a small fee that goes toward the upkeep of the church and a number of local charities.) The walk takes you through many of the village’s historic timber-framed Shakespearean style houses complete with thatched roofs. This is all perched atop of a small ridge overlooking the river Avon. A stunning view which reminded me why I wanted to visit England in the first place.

You couldn’t ask for a more quintessentially English day, walking through beutiful blooming gardens, a brass band playing in the distance as you admire the wisteria drooping from wooden lattice’s. A local group of local residents had there classic cars out to view, another with a collection of new and vintage motorcycles in front of a picturesque backdrop of 17th century architecture. A ride on the small steam train and a pork bap from a local market stall for early lunch. Then a ‘cream tea’ at the historic Holland house retreat. Which provides not only an exceptional afternoon tea complete with still warm fresh scones! But also a quiet space to reflect and take refuge. The Tudor style Christian house is home to a number of events focusing on harmony and reflection. Back in the main square a number of performers keep the crowd and stall holders entertained for a the afternoon as the children clambered up the mobile rock climbing wall.

Overall a very relaxing but enjoyable day out with plenty to see. The large gardens and bright colours from new spring blooms certainly felt a world away from the hustle and bustle the outer reaches of London. A big thank you to the Styn family for taking me out!

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