Sziget Festival -Day 3 Stretching and tequila buckets

A quick recap for those that have been following our Sziget adventures, if you haven’t got check out our other posts. So moving in (we arrived a day early) I had my first experience with international doctors. Day 1 of music Ed Shearan Wooh! And day 2 was thought inspiring talks, the star of our generation Jane Goodall and making new Irish friends. Wow what a week so far! Still Day 3 aka Friday morning dawned and the loud speakers around the island proclaimed the heat warning for the day and expected 35 odd degrees.

We slept in again, and by slept in I mean we went to bed at 2am that morning (I had already met my days exercise points (thanks google) before we even went to bed!) So really the day had shifted as opposed to actually sleeping in, that’s how I like to think of it anyway when getting out of bed at 10 or 11 am.

I decided today would be a good day to check out the yoga classes at the beach, and Royce was pretty keen to go play chess again. So we split up and I headed beachward. I arrived early for the class and came upon a contemporary dance class in progress and got ushered in to take part. I don’t think I managed any of what the very talented dancers were trying to teach us. But the music was up beat everyone was having a good time, arms swinging heads bopping and toes tapping. The class ended with everyone stood in two lines facing each other, clapping to the beat as pair after pair danced their way down the center. The sort of class that I am normally faaaaar to shy to join in on, was actually so much fun. When in Hungry..

As the yoga class time came closer the masses of mat wielding, man bun sporting, far more relaxed individuals converged. The yoga class was PACKED with both men and woman! The teacher was a calm petite Hungarian lady who reeeallly liked downward dog much to my dismay. I am a yoga novice that was literally my second official yoga class. It was amazing and hard and relaxing all at the same time. There was a huge number of people all squished into the tent with calming music flowing from the speakers behind as for the next hour our group stretched and contorted and flowed through Hatha yoga. It was an energizing experience and for those that have never done yoga I highly recommend going to a few lessons. (Going to just one might put you off.)

While I was stretching and straining Royce was stretching brain muscles in the shade of the games tent. While going to war with other chess players he met a new friend from France who we caught up with later in the week.

After yoga and chess we headed over to the sport zone, Royce had a go at the rock wall puzzles (in bare feet) and we watched an Argentinean guy pull out his climbing shoes and smash out all three problems. Along with a game of football pool we found the people on the beach volleyball court who had the hose to cool off. The exercise was well needed and made both of us feel much better

That night we caught up with Meg our Irish friend and her friend Callum to watch Martin Garrix on the main stage. Royce and I had started off the night with Burgers and a bucket of tequila sunrise (literally a bucket, came in 3 sizes 1 litre, 2 litres and 5 litres, with cardboard straws! Yay for no plastic straws.) The four of us tried to make our way into the crowd however we managed to pick a spot that was just a thoroughfare of people going in and out. And resulted in everyone getting pushed and their toes stood on, we made the executive decision to bail back to the food area where we could see, hear, drink and have space to breath. Callum kindly shouted the next bucket (a larger four person one this time) and we sat back and enjoyed the light and music show on the main stage.

We got talking with our new friends and discovered Callum is in marketing, he was able to give us a few tips for blog growth. Meg was studying nutritional science and is now moving to Northern Ireland to complete her masters in Dietetics. This started off a conversation between the both of us (Meg being an expert on people nutrition, me being somewhat of an expert on bovine nutrition.) About nutrition and soil structure and food nutrient uptakes. We were in agreement of everything and it was a fantastic discussion while we both got progressively more tipsy as someone decided another bucket of tequila sunrise would go down well.

Callum decided at this point he was done for the night (he was four days into festival like we were.) He headed off and Meg and I decided dancing was the next order of business. On the way to the Ibis stage (which was beside our camping zone and we had heard them pumping out some sweet tunes for the last couple of days so were keen to check it out.) We stopped in at the doughnut stall for a well received snack. If your in Budapest go check out The Box Doughnut reeeeaaally yummy doughnuts!

The Ibis stage was a small pop up box of a stage with a different DJ every night, but it had some awesome tunes playing. Meg, Royce and I stayed there till the wee hours dancing and jamming away to new and old classics. From a bit of Katty Perry to Macklemore all epic dance tracks. After a good bit of dancing (and making my daily steps again before bed.) We finally went our separate ways and headed for bed.

Thanks for tuning in don’t forget if you haven’t already hit the like button, and join the flock to keep up to date. Tune in next week to find out what other music act moved me to tears!

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