March 2020 -The Worlds Gone Cray-Cray

Hi everyone! Thanks for sticking around and apologies that this isn’t a post about our walk to Finistere. It’s coming, I promise! I know you are all struck at home and bored out of your brains, so I will do my best to get a more interesting post out after this. Until then this is an update of where we are and how bat shit crazy the world has gone in less than one month.

So, Corvid-19 basically means it’s a bad time to be a traveller. I am writing this on the 23rd of March 2020. As of today a virus we call coronavirus, which started in Wuhan, China and that has now spread to almost every corner of the Earth is frontline news EVERYWHERE. New Zealand is in total lockdown nobody is allowed out of their homes. Australia has closed its borders and is heading the same way. Italy is the European pandemic epicentre and has had a significant loss of life. Our hearts go out to them. Here with us in United Kingdom; borders have closed. Pubs, clubs, restaurants and public spaces have closed. People are being advised to stay home and many are in self isolation. Many businesses have sent their staff to work from home and health workers, agricultural workers, supermarket shelf stackers, posties and truck drivers are now the most important people in the country and the only ones allowed to send children to school. And yet it is not enough…

There is still A LOT of people on the streets and the UK populace doesn’t seem to have got the message to STAY AT HOME!

The entire world seems to have gone mad, supermarket shelves are empty, toilet paper is as rare as gold and hoarded the same way. Everyone is either nonchalant or panicking. And us? We are business as usual.

The thing about being in agriculture is that;

“When shit hits the fan, everyone still has to eat.”

Royce and I (along with all the Styan’s who we work for) have been busier than normal. Even with some reduced markets its hard to keep up. We sold out at every market we went to over the weekend, trying to help ease the burden on empty supermarket shelves so everyone can have fresh veg. It’s quite a surreal experience. I have gone from an “unskilled labourer” to an essential workforce member in a matter of days.

Our plans for travel at this point are up in the air, we had plans to van life through Scotland in a month or so… The van is still being built, but the trip is looking less and less likely, as is our supposed trip to Vietnam on the way back to Australia to see my family. Now, well, there is so much unknown.

I am hoping everyone reading this is staying well, exercise and broaden your mind while stuck in your four walls. Use this as an opportunity for growth rather than slipping into depression. Keep track of our Instagram accounts we will try to keep updated on the van build and how we stay sane living out of each other’s pockets. I know this will be a new and frightening situation for many. It’s not that bad, I promise! Stay safe everyone and good luck. Till next time, stay inside the gate but keep pursuing adventure!

5 thoughts on “March 2020 -The Worlds Gone Cray-Cray

  1. Thanks Courtney. Yes NZ has gone mad to with people buying to excess in supermarkets. Naomi is still at school until today with much decreased numbers of children at school. Busy trying to put together online things for kids. It is hard to know what is going to happen to her house if tradespeople are not working as it is not finished being built. Strange times for all of us all around the world. Most important keep safe and well. Helen

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    1. Great to hear you are both O.K.!!!! We are fine as well. Straight into self isolation on our return from Vietnam/Cambodia. At this point ( 7 days) we are not having any signs of infection…7 days to go.!!! No worries..the freezer is full and the vege garden is great. XXX

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  2. Hi de hi travellingshepherds@insitu.
    Great Post.. keep safe.. keep your distance from everybody else. Love the photos.. Go purple brocolli and Mr Cat.

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