Kia Ora! I’m Courtney. I’m a mid twenties shepherd from New Zealand, with a passion for travel and agriculture, and a huge love of animals in general. I know many people don’t think these days animal lover and farmer go together, but I wholeheartedly disagree. I want to through this blog both tell the story of our (Royce and I) travels, and throw in a different perspective. Being a shepherd from New Zealand we have a different take on farming to most of the rest of the world. And as we travel and meet new people, work in new places its fascinating to see how farming impacts people’s lives in such different ways.

Along side just being a shepherd travelling the world, I am also an advocate for sustainable living. Whether that be my end goal of living totally off grid and farming sustainably but also productively. Or as a backpacker making footprints and taking photos but not being a burden on the planet at the same time. From cutting down my plastic usage to promoting the use of planet friendly products. I want to share what I am doing, in the hope it will inspire others to be better also, we only have one Earth after all.

I’m not a vegan or vegetarian (obviously being a sheep farmer). But I do eat a largely plant based diet. I believe that if I am going to produce meat for people to eat. It should have had the happiest, most stress free, most natural life I can give it up until the point where that animal is then nourishing someone else’s life as food. I believe in the “you are what you eat” and if we are going to eat meat then it should be free range and stress free. I understand how the factory farming has come about, but in light of recent years with the development of petri dish grown chicken nuggets. I do believe that if we can produce enough protein this way, we should be aiming to eliminate the need for factory farming. The end result being animal farming is free range and grass fed, and when it makes it to the plate it is the tastiest bit of protein you have ever eaten. That to me, that is the future.

Though not vegetarian I am however lactose intolerant. I’m not allergic, so like a good many lactose intolerants I will still have the occasional bit of cheese in the “this is future Courtney’s problem” of which future Courtney normally feels very ill about an hour or so later. I do plan to share either a few recipes or hacks that I have found while travelling for those who also have to avoid/or choose to avoid cow’s milk.

I hope you will join me on our adventures through Europe, the United Kingdom and beyond. As I talk about our efforts to become more Earth friendly, and share some insights into travelling as a couple. (Especially as I have a tendency to get along better with sheep and dogs then people.) Our current travels have us returned from living in The United Kingdom working on farms and travelling around in our campervan (Chester the Transit). Now Back in Kiwi land we are trying to continue to nourish the adventures within through exploring our own back yard and always trying to learn new things.

If you want to keep more regularly updated on our travels head over to my Instagram Kiwishepherdadventures or check out @TheTravellingShepherds Instagram profile.

As always thanks for stopping by,