The battle of Tewksbury

Saturday the 13th of June is a important date in the medieval reenactment calendar. It is the day of the battle of Tewksbury, arguably the most important and decisive battle of the war of roses. A war that shaped English history to be the way it is today. The real battle was held on the 4th of May 1471 during the first war of the roses, a civil war of sorts between two rival factions of English royalty for the right to rule, house Lancaster and house York. In the end the house of York triumphed.

For more info check out this wiki link.

On the 13th of June I was working market stalls in Tewksbury selling vegetables. Waiting patiently for my closing time to roll around, so I could rush off and attend the local medieval festival I had heard soo much about. My last customer came and went, I packed up my stall faster than any vegetable merchant that ever lived and I was gone. On the road back to the farm. I arrived, vegetables in fridge check, change of clothes check, camera check, back off down the road.

Arriving late, and running across about 1 km of car park I made it just in time to the field where the reenactment was going to be held. The warriors were marching into battle and the cannons were being positioned.
I was far too late to get a really great position for pictures but I did manage to get some nice pics. Enter photo montage.

Awaiting orders to march onto the battlefield.
The French contingent 88 strong this year had come from France to be part of the battle.
A battle marshal
The French arriving
Early musketeers
Hard at work? Or hardly working?
The kings banner man holding the royal helm and crown.

All round a great afternoon. After the battle and executions, I was hanging around getting pics and managed to get talking to one armoured knight. He is a veteran reanacter and has invited me to shoot his crew at the next event, so really pumped to do that..

That’s all for now, get out that gate and get adventuring!

2 thoughts on “The battle of Tewksbury

  1. Exciting for you Royce. We are home safe and sound from our holiday through a small part of Europe. We loved it all. Really loved Amsterdam. Think sometime we will go back and spend more time. It is quite nice to have the cooler temperatures as it was so hot while we were there. Still suffering from swollen ankles and legs. Glad you are still having a good time. Look forward to your next post. Helen

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