Sziget festival 2019 update.

For those that do not know , Courtney and I are currently attending the Sziget festival in Budapest Hungry.

It is our third day here, the second official day of festival.

So far we have watched Ed Shearan live, chilled out to Franz Ferdinand, debated gender roles and flualidity. Relaxed on a river bank, had lots of different drinks and eats. I have also had my chess playing backside handed to me by a grandmaster. While Courtney has attended dance and yoga classes. We have also admired lots of arts listened to loads or cool bands and acts along with having the pleasure of listening to Jane Goodall talk.

A full write up and update with be coming when we return home in a week or soon untill then it will be brief ones with small photo’s from my smart phone.

Until then get out that gate and get adventuring!

4 thoughts on “Sziget festival 2019 update.

  1. Budapest is a great city. We enjoyed our stay there. We particular enjoy visiting all the old buildings and township up the hill in Buda. We stayed in the New York Palace Hotel and went to the State Opera house and listened to two singer singing opera especially for us. I didn’t know that Budapest is made up of two places and they combined the names for it to become Budapest. It was lovely how green the city is with all the parks with tress and flowers. Very pretty.

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