Sziget festival Day 4: Macklemore, Volleyball and Snacks!

Day four of island festival life, if you haven’t been keeping up check out some of the previous posts. Another heatwave warning on the cards and tragically we were out of snacks. A disaster by any stretch of the imagination! Also Meg and Royce had discussed the idea of playing in the beach Volleyball tournament, however Meg told us that the tournament started at 10am! In a normal world that’s a more then reasonable time to be having a game of volleyball on an imported rectangle of sand in the middle of the sports zone. But this was not normal life. This was Sziget festival, where clothing is practically optional, and walking around in a bikini, or just a bra and undies or actually just some tape covering the important bits is completely acceptable. This is a summer festival where shoes are jandals till its time to rave. Then covered shoes go on to save toes and dudes, shirts are not a necessity! No this was a festival where glitter all day long is not only socially acceptable but practically required. Where you are not judged by the colour of your skin, by the country’s flag you hold up in the crowd or the sex of the hand your holding. No this was the island of freedom where the whole seven days was dedicated to inclusion and art and music and you most certainly were not going to bed early! Or for that matter being anything more then bleary eyed by 10am. So by those standards 10am for a volleyball tournament was quite early.

We dragged ourselves out of bed and had a cold shower. (Because 30 degrees at 10am!) We wandered next door past the Ibis stage where we were raving the night before to the sport zone only to find at ten minutes to 10am that it was still closed. In our still “We haven’t had enough sleep it’s to early state.” Stood in confusion at the closed gates and near empty road. Only those that had partied on until morning and the garbage trucks were out at this time of the morning. “Hey Guys!” Came the call to cut through our confusion. Meg came down the road toward us and began to apologetically explain that she got the time wrong, and the tournament was actually at 1pm. We collectively decided seeing as volleyball could wait till after coffee that we would first caffeinate, we even found a stall that was lacto friendly! (Yay for rice milk) then headed for town to elevate the snacklessness of our cabin.

Off we went in the direction of Auchan a large French supermarket chain. It was HUGE! It may just be me but a favourite pastime while in other countries is checking out supermarkets. To see what other people eat and buy, and omg the sausage and cured meat section was ENORMOUS! The pickle section was equally large as was the free from section of lacto and gluten free friendly products. Not to mention a majority of the fruit and veg was free flow! Go Hungry! Auchan also had an entire section for clothes at ridiculously cheap prices. (Like 3 pound for a bikini) so naturally I got a new bikini and one piece swimsuit.

Snacks in hand (muesli bars, fruit, chips and HUMMUS!) We were all actually pretty hungry, so being at a mega supermarket store of course there was a cafe/restaurant attached. I had a proper meal for the first time in days (by proper I mean I had vegetable that weren’t pickled.) Royce and Meg opted for pizza at half festival prices (around 1.5 pounds rather then 3.) In case you hadn’t worked it out everything in Hungry is soooo cheap if your coming from the UK and the clothes are super cute!

Back to camp for volleyball I was sidelined with the camera as Meg and Royce ahh.. Attempted to play doubles volleyball, and got there backsides handed to them well and proper. The tournament carried on without them, and we manged to find a group of people who were slightly less competitive to play with. Sun blaring down, sand flying and hands in the air we managed a good workout for the afternoon.

After our exercise and subsequent hosing down to get rid of the sand Meg said farewell and Royce and I continued our exploration of the island in an attempt to collect more stamps for our Sziget passports. We found our way over to the circus arena and sat in on a puppet show. The puppets were handmade and the lively act was fantastic.

That evening on the main stage was an act I had almost forgotten about. Macklemore ended up being one of my favorite performances of the week. He really enjoys interacting with the crowd and gave a few really moving speeches about the state of our planet right now. How we need to come together in unity, and speaking of his home in the Untied States of the divide between peoples there. Before the song ‘Same Love’, Macklemore put all that into words. “The world is a crazy place right now,” he said. “I don’t know how it is in Hungry, but in America right now we are in the middle of a crisis because of our president.” There was a loud boo from the crowd. “You have people being divided, parents getting taken away from their kids. I believe in love, acceptance and compassion. I’ve got two young daughters man, I couldn’t imagine being separated from my kids because of where my passport says I’m from. I want to dedicate to this next song to this thing that is right there inside of us, beating, this compass that points us in the right direction.”
Read more about Macklemores performance here

We are all one race, the human race. We have one planet and it’s our job to take care of it. The only way we can do that is through unity and compassion, inclusion and empathy. I’m not ashamed to say Macklemore was yet another speaker to bring a tear to my eye. I felt inspired and moved so many times over the 7 days of festival. It gave me so much hope in humanity and also left me disappointed, Sziget festival promotes sustainability but after every main act was still a wasteland of empty beer cans and overflowing trash cans. Woman could walk the festival fields in next to no clothes and not get catcalled or judged. and yet there was still abuse thrown at those returning to their spot by the barriers after running to the toilet. It was such a human experience, I cant explain it any other way. Macklemore’s performance just hit these thought and feelings home.

Amoung the talking and singing. the moving words and the beats to get you moving was a dance off. The song came to a climax and Macklemore picked two people out of the crowd to enact the dance off. Check out this video.

Another crazy day of festival came to an end and I sank happily into my bed, earplugs in, the beat of the Colosseum keeping rhythm with each breath, off to sleep.

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